It Was A Good Day...

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I have the headache from HELL.

It's not the normal, not-enough-caffiene-headache.  Not at all.  It's right in the freaking back of my head... close to my neck.  It's been there all day, and no dose of Advil or Tylenol has been good enough to tackle it.  From 5:00 am on, I have been rubbing the back of my neck and silently swearing for the damn thing to go away.  No luck so far.  It's been 13 hours.  It's not normal, not at all.

I had a couple run-ins with impatient people today, and I was doing my honest best to help them out.  It's just really hard when all you hear in your head it "BOOM BOOM."  

"Yes, maam... I do understand that you need this taken care of... yes... BOOM BOOM... huh?  What was that?  Oh, yes maam... I am paying attention, I am sorry... BOOM BOOM." 

Gawd help me.

"Good Afternoon sir.  How are you?  Sure... I can do that for you... BOOM BOOM... what was I going to do for you again?  Oh, yeah, thanks... Let me BOOM BOOM huh? Oh yeah..."

Then... oh, yeah... there is more... we had tons of call-ins at work.  It's a holiday weekend, no one wants to work on the last official Saturday of summer!  There just were not enough workers to help out.  It was that simple.  People were upset because they had to wait, and we were doing our best.  People were lined up waiting for the crazy-weirdo-girl-with-the-neck-issue to help them.  A fun time was had by all.



  1. amber Says:

    Andee, I'm sure your mom has already told you this, but please talk to a doctor- you're right, that is not normal!

    Sorry you had a rough day.

  1. Andee Says:


    Thank you for your concern. :)

    The headache went away about half an hour ago... if it happens to me again any time soon, I definitely plan on going to the doctor.

    I am wondering if there was something at my workplace that caused the headache... like workers using chemicals or something. Who knows?

    No worries though, I will definitely get it checked out if it turns into something that is re-occurring.

  1. Truly Confused Says:

    Ah hon! I get headaches there when I am really stressed out. Muscle relaxers or someone massaging there tend to make it tolerable. Also, the hot water in the shower hitting that stop tends to help too.

    Pain is evil!!!! It really is. Maybe some good sleep will help too!