That Isn't A Problem!

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Rant time... don't say I didn't warn ya.

I have had it. HAD IT.

People need to stop telling me what is, and isn't a problem with the Mormon Church. Here are some examples of what I am talking about.

Yesterday I was chatting with someone about the translation of the Book of Mormon. I told her that I didn't like the fact that the church never told me Joseph Smith used a seer stone in a hat to translate. It was a problem on two levels. One being that Joseph Smith doesn't sound very credible, and two being that the church covered up and lied.

The woman chuckled as if my issues were crazy and stupid. She looked at me, smirked, and said, "What matters is that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, not how it came to be." She isn't the only one to tell me that. Mom's ex-bishop tried that one, too. It's not a problem, don't focus on that... here is what you should be focusing on.

It's so frustrating. Not to mention condescending. Who is anyone to tell me what should and shouldn't bother me? I am not an idiot or a bad person because I care about these things... and that is what these people seem to be implying.

I was also reading a note of about the FAIR conference (Mormon Apologetics). The people there told members to focus on what was in the Book of Abraham instead of how the Book of Abraham came to be.

Wait... what?

Why in the world should I focus on a book that is an obvious fraud? Telling me to ignore the problem and to focus and believe in the book is ridiculous.


Is it only me? Ignoring the issue and telling people what is and isn't important is so insulting. It's like someone walking up to you, putting their arms over your shoulders and saying, "Don't worry, little one. Your thinking has been done for you." What do they think I am going to say? "Ohh! Okay! If you say so!"

It's like poking at a container of green jello. You touch it, it shakes a little, but it doesn't loose its shape until something drastic happens.

Hey Uncle, what do you think about the Book of Abraham problems?
Glub Glub Glub *wiggle* *wiggle*

Too much more of this and my brain will turn to green jello.



  1. Truly Confused Says:

    Just don't worry about it, it will all work out in the next life. OK, I am cracking myself up right now.

    They turn your brain to jello on purpose. They don't want you to do anything crazy with it, like think!!! Yeah, who says that the prophet won't lead the church astray? The prophet! Doesn't that seem a little self-serving?

    How about they respect what is important to you, and you do the same for them?

    Once again, you threaten their sense of perfection if you don't support the things they believe in100%. They have to do it because if you are right it threatens their sense of well-being and means the purpose of their life may be wrong, or different than what they thought.

  1. Demand More Says:

    Just put it on a shelf, your thinking has been done for you, after all, if a prophet speaks the arguments is over. Oh, and my favorite, The apostles have done the thinking for you.

    On a more positive note, I really like green jello! :)

  1. bindy Says:

    Your frustration is that you have decided the canned answers are not enough; you want more. Most people are just content with easy answers. They don't have to think and ask the hard questions. The consequence of asking the hard questions would be far too devastating. I think most people already know this, and therefore spend their time fighting against the criticisms. It helps maintain the comfort of "don't think, just believe."