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It's time yet again for an Ensign article. This one, a series of quotes collected from the late Gordon B. Hinkley, was printed in August of 2000, and starts on page 2...

For the record, I am not trying to talk trash about a man who is now dead. I am just making points from the things he said. It's not meant to be mean or spiteful, although most believing Mormons will damn me to hell for even disagreeing with this "great man."

Does a great man lie on national television about things we teach or do not teach in the church? Does a great man tell people to move on about the race issue because it was "all in the past"? I am sure he was a nice guy, he certainly seems like a friendly and lovable person... but he wasn't exactly honest. Just sayin'.


"We know that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior and the Redeemer of the world. His life was no idle dream of some writer. No! His life, His death, His Resurrection were realities. He appeared to the boy Joseph Smith. He talked with him as I speak with you tonight, as a person in a very real and individual and personal way. How grateful we ought to be for that knowledge. 'And this is the life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou has sent' (John 17:3). That knowledge has come to this Church and blessed it, and there is nothing more important in all the world that to have in our hearts a testimony, a conviction, an absolute assurance of the reality of God the Eternal Father and His Son, the risen Lord, the Redeemer of the world" (meeting, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 31 July 1998).

Hmm... the whole thing with "knowing" is so important to Mormonism. That is certainly what kept me hooked for as long as it did. I didn't have to worry about what happened when we died because I had all the answers laid out before me. I didn't have to think, all I had to do was obey. It's amazing, isn't it?

Thing is, we don't know squat. We don't know that Jesus appeared to the boy Joseph Smith. We don't have that knowledge, and convincing yourself otherwise might just be playing pretend. Some people really enjoy that fantasy world, don't they? Ahh, ignorance is bliss.


"Brethren, let us, each of us, watch ourselves. Whenever we have within us a little temper, go outside, breathe some fresh air, and come in with a smile and throw your arms around your wife and tell her you love her. Look to your children and let them know that you love them. Live with them kindly and graciously, as Latter-Day Saints should do." (Salt Lake Holladay regional conference, priesthood leadership meeting, 7 Feb. 1998).

Yes, brethren. Breathing fresh air fixes everything.


"The Lord carries great expectations of you in taking care of your part of the burden of moving forward the work of the Lord, the payment of your tithes and offerings. We have money enough to run this church because of the faithfulness of the people. Marvelous is that faithfulness. We don't have a lot of rich people in the church. The money which operates the Church comes from the consecrations of such as you--wonderful, faithful people. Tithing isn't so much a matter of money as it is a matter of faith. The Lord can't bless those who aren't obedient." (meeting, Columbus, Ohio, 25 April, 1998).


Okay, the church has the money to spend 2 billion dollars on a shopping mall. Should I really need to say more? I will anyway...

When you pay your tithing, Gordon B. Hinkley loves you wonderful and faithful. When you don't pay your tithing, he warns you that the Lord won't bless you. Sounds like a scare tactic to me! Also, it is a matter of money. Just saying.

Temple Recommend

"I think of all the things of which I may be proudest, and I don't mean that in an evil sense, is the fact that ever since I went on a mission I've had a temple recommend in my pocket. I have one in their now. It is my credit card with the Lord, and I am grateful for it" (meeting, Lowell, Massachusetts, 15 Oct. 1998).

This one makes me chuckle.

A temple recommend is like a credit card with the Lord? What? Having a temple recommend doesn't make you a better person than someone who doesn't. It just means that you have successfully navigated the interview. Who gives the prophet of the church his temple recommend, anyway? Just curious... can't he just get a free pass? Do they need to check his recommend when he walks in the building? Funny...

Greatest Season of the Church

"We are living, my brothers and sisters, in the day of prophecy fulfilled. This is the greatest season in the history of the Church. There never before was a time like this. We are larger in numbers, a great family of 10 million people scattered over 160 nations. The media treat us honestly and right. We have a good reputation among most people... This is a wonderful time to be a member of this Church. I envy these young people who are here today. Their lives are ahead of them. They will see marvelous things in the years that lie ahead. I have no doubt of it whatever. The Church will grow and grow and grow, and no force under the heavens can stop it." (meeting, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 8 Aug. 1998).

Sorry, have to disagree here. Information is easier and easier to get. Most of the large growth of the church happens within families who are already in the church having tons of children, and converts in places that don't have immediate access to the internet. I have no proof of that, and I know it. It's just something I believe. I don't think for one second that the church will grow, and grow, and grow. As a matter of fact, I think it's only a matter of time before it starts to get smaller and smaller.

He mentioned that he envied the younger children in his attendance that day, because they had so many marvelous things to see ahead of them. It bothers me, because they do have so much opportunity, but all young men must go on missions, and all young girls are taught to marry and have children. Their lives are ahead of them, but their lives are already planned and charted. Sometimes, that isn't so marvelous.



  1. Dew of Hermon Says:

    My first time reading your blog,excellent stuff. You are a brave troubadour for truth and I think your analysis of Mr. Brinkley is accurate and fair. Are you equally disillusioned with other 'faith' expressions or just Mormonism ?

  1. Andee Says:

    dew of hermon,

    I am glad you like the blog :) It's my "baby."

    To answer your question, I am equally disillusioned with other faiths as well. I certainly don't believe in any kind of religion that exists right now. There are too many things that don't add up. I focus on Mormonism because that is where my life is right now... maybe when I get past the "freak out" stage I will focus more on religion in general.

    If I am using logic and critical thinking to look into the Mormon church, I should use that same logic in other faiths as well.

    To be honest, I have no idea what I believe in right now... but I certainly DON'T believe in Mormonism.

  1. Chad Says:

    I don't know that I would lay open my soul the way you do, but it's interesting and I hope you find your balance. It's the journey, darlin'.