Some Simple Dessert

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I found an article on The Consumerist about a patron who ordered an $8 dessert in a minimalist restaurant in San Francisco.

I am not sure if they knew what they were getting... if the menu portrayed the dessert to be an actual dessert, but this is what they got...

An $8 nectarine? Really? Couldn't they at least washed and cut it up for you?

I would have been laughing my ass off if this happened to me. I would have assumed it was a joke.

It's not! Hahahahaha!

Off topic, but worth mentioning...

I have no idea what is wrong with the image on the left side of my page. It's weird. I hope it's just some glitch and it will correct itself... if not, I will do my best to fix it or find another template for the blog. You guys probably don't care, but it's driving me insane.