A Size Four Is Obese?

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I have never been "skinny."

I am not fat, at least I wouldn't consider myself fat... just not skinny. Not a toothpick who carefully weighs the addition of calories or fat content of the things I eat. I am healthy... perfectly healthy. I exercise, and try my best to not over-indulge in the sugary sweets.

It's hard not to give yourself hell when you are constantly faced with photos of size zero actresses in magazines, and shows like America's Next Top Model. Normal women (what is normal really... but you get my drift...) don't look like that. We have curves. It's just how it is. I will never look like these women... and I have stopped beating myself up over it.

Recently, a woman who happens to be a size 4, was told she was too "obese."

Are you kidding me? I know tons of women who would kill to be a size 4... and these are women who take care of themselves. Eat right, and spend hours working out.

Body image is something women deal with every day. "Am I pretty enough? Do I look fat in these jeans?" Have you asked those questions? Sure you have!

There are now pre-teen girls having cosmetic surgery. On "The View" this morning a young girl told the story of her breast reduction surgery... that is helpful for her backaches and active lifestyle. She also had liposuction. Liposuction at 16?

Where do we draw the line? Surgeries like this go wrong all the time. Should we really be putting our teenage daughters through things like that in order to help their self-esteem? Is the risk worth it?

In my opinion, we should be discussing the issues behind the self-esteem problems. Shouldn't it be okay to be who you are? Why should people have to go to such drastic measures to be accepted?

It's just sad that we are constantly compared to the model on the magazine cover. Those models are airbrushed and photoshopped like you wouldn't believe. The models on those magazine covers don't exist.

Sorry... pointless rant.



  1. Truly Confused Says:

    So true! The reality is that we live in a society that tells women they are never good enough. To be quite honest, the singles ward I was in was the worst. One of the bishops i had bought his daughter boobs for her birthday.

    Another woman I know who is stunning (men do double takes when you are with her) and still thought it wasn't enough and had implants. One of the newer surgeries for women is where they reshape the labia.

    There was a story on the news several months ago. A 17 year old that died having, as her mother said "a routine augmentation to correct a birth defect". First, small breasts are NOT a birth defect. Next, there is no such thing as a routine surgery. Anytime you have surgery they warn you that they might accidently kill you. You sign multiple things saying that. People are so caught up in the surgery thing that they forget surgery is quite dangerous.

    Women are constantly told they are not good enough, pretty enough, etc. I am scared for the world we live in. When will enough be a enough? When will some of these women finally say that they are ok the way they are?

  1. Jackalyn Says:

    I definitely see where you're coming from, but I think people on both ends of the spectrum definitely feel the pressure of being "healthy."

    I'm just naturally thin. Not to brag, or sounds into myself, but at 5'8" I've never weighed more than 115, and I'm constantly hearing from people that I need to gain weight when I simply can't, my metabolism won't allow it.

    I think it's just as unfair when people say or assume that I'm somehow unhealthy or maintain my weight in a controversial way, as it is for someone to say that a girl who is a size 10 is lazy and doesn't care about the way she looks. Both of them can be beautiful AND healthy.

    I do think we should be worried about the people on the far ends of the spectrum, because there are such serious health problems that result from being severely underweight or overweight.

    And I agree, the biggest problem is self esteem, everyone has something that they don't like about the way they look, but I think it's important that we all embrace the differences in our bodies, because how boring would it be if we all had the same measurements?!

    Great blog as usual :)

  1. Andee Says:

    Truly Confused,

    I think any surgeon operating on a person 18 or younger for purely cosmetic reasons should be dis-barred. Maybe it's just me.

    Women are told they are never good enough, and it's sickening. We are just fine the way we are. To hell with those who think otherwise. I would prefer to live my life being happy with WHO I am than WHAT I look like.

    When we get to heaven is God going to ask us what size we were? Or is he going to ask us how many people we helped?

    The whole thing is outrageous. There are cases where these surgeries help people, and each case is different... but we shouldn't have young girls daydreaming about their boob jobs.



    You are the kind of girl I was always jealous of! :) Good for you.

    I had a friend in high school that was very skinny. She ate everything that came across her path, sweets, carbs... you name it. It was just her metabolism like you mentioned...

    The judgment goes both ways. I agree. It's weird how we can't be just right. We are too big or too small. Whats up with that?

    Thanks for the comments guys!