It's Insane!

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I just had a conversation with my Mom about women's issues and the church...

Let's start with polygamy. Women are nothing but desired objects that raise your status, property. They are automatically considered "less than" because of their gender. They can't fulfill callings like bishop, stake president, or prophet. Why? Just because they are women! Would we stand for this in the workplace? Hell no! We would be screaming and fighting like mad!

"Sorry lady, you can't be promoted to manager because your are a girl." Pretty much the same thing, isn't it?

It goes further.

Lets consider the meetings that women are not allowed into... priesthood classes/sessions. Sure, women have the relief society, but what is that really but a concession to appease us and keep us from claiming that the men have "everything."

How many relief society events were called "homemaking?" Millions. At least, that is the case in my ward. There is so much more to being a woman that being a wife, mother and maid. We have minds, hearts, souls... we deserve to be treated as equals. Why are we not standing up and screaming right now?

I suppose most LDS women say things like, "I wouldn't want the priesthood, it's too much responsibility!" or "I don't feel like I am unequal to my husband!" What could I say to that? Many things!

First of all, it's all in the mindset you want to be in.

If you want the church to be true, and desire to believe your church has all the answers, you will do the mental gymnastics to make these issues unimportant.

You are not allowed to be in the priesthood.
"I don't want the priesthood! I don't want the responsibility!"

You are not allowed to make decisions about the church's finances or courses of study.
"I am okay with that."

God wants you to be a wife and mother... it's your calling.
"Being a wife and mother will reward me in the next life."

Basically, you are convincing yourself that the problems don't exist at all. No problem means true church, right?




  1. Truly Confused Says:

    Andee, try not to forgot though, that to accept the things you are saying people would have to alter everything they have ever believed in. That is way too scary for most people.

    RS used to be a complete and totally seperate organization. In fact, they had more money than the church because the women were so resourceful and abitious. The general RS used to be known as the "prophetess" of the church and would hold the calling until she died. Women used to hold a much more visible position in the church. Their publications were usually enlightened and often encouraged them to fight against their husbands. There was no homemaking, activities were very spiritual in nature and they called themselves the Relief Society because they made an active effort to relieve suffering.

    So really, it is like you having your own business, then someone came in and said that they were supposed to run your business, take your profits, not let you be promoted or have any voice whatsoever about what your business. The first general RS president to be released before she died, died shortly thereafter. Her family felt it was truly because she had a broken heart and was so devastated. I get so mad when I think about it.

  1. Andee Says:

    Truly Confused,

    Wow, you just taught me some things!

    I had no idea that the relief society was once separate like that! Holy Crap! What was the excuse the church used to take over? It's what God wanted?


  1. Truly Confused Says:

    I think that is exactly why! Not only that but BY actually said it was a woman't job to adminster blessings as member of the Relief Society. The women in the early church were pretty amazing. In fact when were not told to stop giving blessings until the 40's after the war.

    From what I have read at the time, men in the church were being on the flakely side and women were told to stop administering so that men would step it up a little bit.

    The history of women in the church is actually pretty interesting-and quite different than what we have today. Can you imagine Sister Monson going around telling people to fight against what her husband was trying to do? That is exactly what Emma did!